Thursday, June 26, 2014


Hi everyone...nice to play along with the fabulous blog  Once Upon A Sketch and Scrap Around The World, I love the mood board of Once Upon A Sketch and journaling theme
Journalling Theme: The following quote

" the best things in life aren't things"

mood board Sketch June  from Once Upon A Sketch 

and Scrap Around the World challenge:

June 2014 Challenge 14
A Stunning & Dramatic Summer Mood Board
By Di Garling

 I create my page for a friend of my son...she is pretty , kind and a good girl. I saw she is a tough girl and care so much to her mother who was suffering cancer ,

 I created this page because I believe fits with the theme of OUAS and inspired of Scrap Around The World  mood board because the yellow color gives an element pshicology Happiness and fun: Yellow is uplifting to the spirits; yellow helps create enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence and optimism.

I hope she likes and happy and pray for her mother , hopefully her mother get a healing,
 I just want she keep her smile facing any situation , God bless you dear  : )

 I gave the flower pistil ring in her photo in the sense of spirit and hope that should never be broken.
I putt a gold shimmer from Inka gold in the flower pistil ring and also on paper flower.
The color gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph .

I used a paper tissue technic , stamp randomly, add a dry wall tape, and used a stencil from Artistcellar

that is my journaling, Start each day like it's your birthday , that is my message for her, hope she know how much her mother love her when gave birth and very grateful to have her. she is  truly beautiful gift from God so start each day with joy as the happiest day when you was born.

I specially post my page to : 

Hope you like it :)
Thanks for stopping by
really appreciated to read your comments

Big hugs : ) and have a blessed day
Irma Tirza

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